Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More of Don Messer and His Islanders

01-Fiddle Strings.mp3
02-Torrie's Waltz.mp3
03-Prairie Schottische.mp3
04-Messer's Jubilee Jig.mp3
05-The Crystal Waltz.mp3
06-The Great Atlantic Breakdown.mp3
07-The Concert Reel.mp3
08-The Jessica Waltz.mp3
09-Grandfather's Reel.mp3
10-Triangle Jig.mp3
11-The Black Velvet Waltz.mp3
12-East Hill Breakdown.mp3


Monday, May 21, 2018

Don Messer - Gaby Haas - Old Time Waltz Night

01-Red River Waltz.mp3
02-Blue Mountain Waltz.mp3
03-Hush-A-By Waltz.mp3
04-Zenda Waltz.mp3
05-The Country Waltz.mp3
06-Silver Waves Waltz.mp3
07-Cuckoo Waltz.mp3
08-La Golondrina.mp3
09-Blue Skirt Waltz.mp3
10-Caller's Waltz.mp3
11-Wednesday Night Waltz.mp3
12-Midnite Waltz.mp3


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Don Messer and His Islanders - Goin' To The Barn Dance Tonight

01-The Sleeping Giant Two-Step.mp3
02-The Bedford Waltz.mp3
03-The Southern Fiddler.mp3
04-The Pedestal Clog.mp3
05-Waltz Of The Roses.mp3
06-The Silver Star Breakdown.mp3
07-Bonnie Lass Of Headlake.mp3
08-The Halifax Polka.mp3
09-The Silver Waves Waltz.mp3
10-The Maple Sugar Two-Step.mp3
11-Archie Menzies.mp3
12-The MacDonald's March.mp3


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Don Messer and his Islanders - On The Air

01-Golden Wedding Reel.mp3
02-The Wreck of the John B (Vocal Marg Osburne).mp3
03-Tuggerman's Jig.mp3
04-Liberty Two-Step.mp3
05-Jack the Sailor (Vocal by Charlie Chamberlain).mp3
06-Vail's Breakdown.mp3
07-Hi-Lo Schottische.mp3
08-Dawn Waltz.mp3
09-The Rose Upon The Bible (Chamberlain & Osburne).mp3
10-Belfast, Cock-O-The-North.mp3
11-Flanigan's Polka.mp3
12-Gypsy Hornpipe.mp3


Friday, May 18, 2018

Christmas with Don Messer and His Islanders

01-Jingle Bells.mp3
02-White Christmas.mp3
03-Christmas Jig.mp3
05-Dipsy Doodle Breakdown.mp3
06-Go Tell It On The Mountain.mp3
07-Silent Night.mp3
08-Golden Dawn Waltz.mp3
09-Christmas In Killarney.mp3
10-Dad's Favorite Jig.mp3
11-Merry Christmas Polka.mp3
12-Fiddle Fingers.mp3


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Don Messer's Jubilee - Down East Dance Music by Canada's Top TV Personality

01-The Veteran's Reel.mp3
02-The Zenda Waltz.mp3
03-New Spanish Two-Step.mp3
04-Whistlin' Rufus.mp3
05-Carrick Jig.mp3
06-The Prairie Reel.mp3
07-Honey Harbour Two-Step.mp3
08-Miss Supertest's Victory Reel.mp3
09-Ford's Schottische.mp3
10-Jerome's Farewell To Gibraltar.mp3
11-Roman Teller's Waltz.mp3
12-Abbie's Favorite Jig.mp3


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 6

01-Liberty Two Step.mp3
02-Bowing the Strings.mp3
03-Anoy's Jig.mp3
04-First Western Change.mp3
05-Happy Times Schottische.mp3
06-Charlottetown's Centennial Breakdown.mp3
07-Parry Sound Reel.mp3
08-Sicilian Tarantella.mp3
09-Smash the Window.mp3
10-Railroad Hornpipe.mp3
11-Globe Trotter's Jig.mp3
12-Pete's Breakdown.mp3


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 5

01-Abegweit Reel.mp3
02-Hi Lo Schottische.mp3
03-Uncle Jim.mp3
04-Exhibition Special.mp3
05-York County Hornpipe.mp3
06-Spud Island Breakdown.mp3
07-Kiley's Reel.mp3
08-Haste to the Weddin'.mp3
09-Free and Easy.mp3
10-Kerry Mills Barn Dance.mp3
11-Parkdale Jig.mp3
12-Swamplake Breakdown.mp3


Monday, May 14, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 4

01-Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
02-Jimmy's Favourite Jig.mp3
03-Montreal Reel.mp3
04-Dill Pickles.mp3
05-Durang's Hornpipe.mp3
06-Logger's Breakdown.mp3
07-Silvery Bell.mp3
08-Dry River Waltz.mp3
09-Balkan Hills.mp3
10-Bride of the Wind Jig.mp3
11-Tina's Reel.mp3
12-Woodchopper's Breakdown.mp3


Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 3

01-Operator's Reel & Ploughboy.mp3
02-Lamplighters' Hornpipe.mp3
03-Honest John - Jig.mp3
04-Mississippi Sawyer - Reel.mp3
05-Liverpool Hornpipe.mp3
06-The Old Man and The Old Woman - Reel.mp3
07-The Money Musk.mp3
08-Tuggermen's Jig.mp3
09-Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
10-Newlywed's Reel.mp3
11-Way Down Yonder.mp3
12-Whalen's Breakdown.mp3


Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 2

01-Roll Away Hornpipe.mp3
02-Hill Lilly.mp3
03-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
04-Silver and Gold Two-Step.mp3
05-Billy Wilson's Clog.mp3
06-Little Rubber Dollie.mp3
07-Atlantic Polka - 1st Change.mp3
08-Atlantic Polka - 2nd Change.mp3
09-Atlantic Polka - 3rd Change.mp3
10-Atlantic Polka - 4th Change.mp3
11-Highland Hornpipe.mp3
12-Half Penny Reel.mp3


Friday, May 11, 2018

The Best Of Don Messer and his Islanders - P.E.I. Series Volume 1

01-Souris Lighthouse; Mouth of the Tobique.mp3
02-Rustic Jig.mp3
03-Flannigan's Polka.mp3
04-Medley of Londonderry & London Hornpipes.mp3
05-Mackilmoyle's Reel.mp3
06-Victory Breakdown.mp3
07-Ragtime Annie and Lord MacDonald's Reel.mp3
08-Flop Eared Mule.mp3
09-Rambler's Hornpipe.mp3
10-Angus Campbell.mp3
11-Favorite Polka; By the Fireside.mp3
12-Mother's Reel.mp3


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Down East Dancin' with Don Messer and his Islanders Vol. 4

01-Big John McNeil - Dusty Miller's Reel.mp3
02-Don Messer's Breakdown - Johnny Wagoner's Breakdown.mp3
03-Levantine's Barrel.mp3
04-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
05-White River Stomp.mp3
06-Vail's Breakdown.mp3
07-Soldier's Joy.mp3
08-Flowers Of Edinburgh.mp3
09-Norwegian Waltz.mp3
10-Alley Crocker Reel.mp3
11-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
12-Blue Mountain Hornpipe.mp3


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Don Messer and his Islanders - TV Favourites

01-Nobody's Business.mp3
02-Victor Roy Breakdown.mp3
03-Road To The Isles.mp3
04-Sputnik Breakdown.mp3
05-Harbor Waltz.mp3
06-The Caribou Reel.mp3
07-The Blue Mountain Waltz.mp3
08-Red Wing.mp3
09-Hillbilly Calypso.mp3
10-Heather On The Hill.mp3
11-What's The Matter With Father.mp3
12-Little Black Hen.mp3


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Don Messer and his Islanders - 25th Anniversary Album (Canada's Don Messer and His Islanders)

01-Anniversary Schottische.mp3
02-Poor Girls Waltz.mp3
03-Plaza Polka.mp3
04-Westphalia Waltz.mp3
05-Lamplighter Hornpipe.mp3
06-Buckwheat Batter.mp3
07-Hannigans Hornpipe.mp3
08-Interlake Waltz.mp3
09-Riley's Favourite Reel.mp3
10-Pilot Mound Waltz.mp3
11-Grant Lambs Breakdown.mp3
12-The Girl I Left Behind.mp3


Monday, May 7, 2018

Best Wishes Don Messer

01-Big John McNeill and The Dusty Miller's Reel.mp3
02-Goin' Down The Road (Vocal by Marg Osburne).mp3
03-Jimmy's Favorite Jig.mp3
04-The Country Waltz.mp3
05-Goin' Back (Vocal by Charles Chamberlain).mp3
06-Pete's Breakdown.mp3
07-Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
08-Ragtime Annie and Lord MacDonald's Reel.mp3
09-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
10-The Broken Down Piano (Vocal by Charles Chamberlain).mp3
11-Souris Lighthouse and Mouth of the Tobique.mp3
12-Don Messer's Breakdown; Johnny Wagoner's Breakdown.mp3


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Down East Dancin' with Don Messer and his Islanders Vol. 3

01-Blue Mountain Rag.mp3
02-Red River Waltz.mp3
03-Golden Wedding Reel.mp3
04-Caladonia Jig.mp3
05-Dew Drop Waltz.mp3
06-Three Men on a Horse.mp3
07-Satellite Reel.mp3
08-The Hush-A-By Waltz.mp3
09-Royal Princess Two Step.mp3
10-Caravan Jig.mp3
11-Eastern Star Waltz.mp3
12-Joys of Quebec.mp3


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Down East Dancin' with Don Messer and his Islanders Vol. 2

01-Lord Alexander's Reel.mp3
02-Country Waltz.mp3
03-Silver And Gold Two-Step.mp3
04-Snow Deer.mp3
05-Fireman's Reel.mp3
06-Chinese Breakdown.mp3
07-Anne Marie Reel.mp3
08-Skipping Mouse Polka.mp3
09-Whitewater Jig.mp3
10-Uncle Henry's Reel.mp3
11-Dawn Waltz.mp3
12-Swamplake Breakdown.mp3


Friday, May 4, 2018

Down East Dancin' with Don Messer and his Islanders Vol. 1

01-Maple Leaf Two Step.mp3
02-Honeymoon Waltz.mp3
03-Dominion Reel.mp3
04-Atkins Polka.mp3
05-Television Reel.mp3
06-Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown.mp3
07-The Lightning Hornpipe.mp3
08-Fiddlin' Phil.mp3
09-Stoneboat Jig.mp3
10-The Great Eastern Reel.mp3
11-Rainbow Square Dance (Original Calls by Ron Linnell).mp3
12-The C.N.E. Breakdown.mp3