Monday, August 31, 2015

Graham & Eleanor Townsend - Memories of Mom & Dad

01-Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
02-Jig Medley.mp3
03-Discussion on fiddle music.mp3
04-Cowboy's Reel.mp3
05-Somewhere My Love.mp3
06-Could I Have This Dance.mp3
07-Discussion of Irish Folklore.mp3
08-New Year's Jig.mp3
09-Over The Waves.mp3
10-When You And I Were Young Maggie.mp3
11-Silver Bell Polka.mp3
12-Up Jumped The Devil, Graham's Hornpipe.mp3
13-Acheson's Polka.mp3
14-Irish Jig, Discussion.mp3
15-Big John McNeil, Maple Sugar.mp3


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chuck Joyce - Great Old Time Fiddlin'

01-Putnam Breakdown.mp3
02-Maple Leaf Two-Step.mp3
03-Cookie's Jig.mp3
04-Joy-El Waltz.mp3
05-Lambton County Hornpipe.mp3
06-Lou's Favourite.mp3
07-White River Stomp.mp3
08-Walker's Special Reel.mp3
09-Year End Two-Step.mp3
10-Heather On The Hill.mp3


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chuck Joyce - Hometown Specials

01-Four Jacks.mp3
02-Ernie's Special Jig.mp3
03-Satellite Reel.mp3
04-Harvie Lovie's Waltz.mp3
05-Ted Laidlaw's Jig.mp3
06-Hand Organ Hornpipe.mp3
07-Fiddle In The Basket.mp3
08-Clara's Reel.mp3
09-Sunset Reel.mp3
10-Little Ditty In ''G''.mp3
11-The Contest Reel.mp3
12-Ray Hill's Favorite.mp3


Friday, August 28, 2015

George Hill's Mighty Mohawks - Canada's Most Colourful Country Music Band

01-Wawa Special (Guitar).mp3
02-Carroll County Accident.mp3
03-Harper Valley PTA.mp3
04-Somewhere My Love (Guitar).mp3
05-Daddy Sang Bass.mp3
06-I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home.mp3
07-Kemptville Breakdown.mp3
08-Saint Anne's Reel.mp3
09-Fiddle String.mp3
10-Maple Leaf Two-Step.mp3
11-Buckskin Reel.mp3
12-Orange Blossom Special.mp3


Thursday, August 27, 2015

24 succès d'hier

01-Ti-Noir Joyal-Le rêve du diable (violon).mp3
02-Ti-Noir Joyal-Clarinette polka (violon).mp3
03-Ti-Noir Joyal-Grondeuse américaine (violon).mp3
04-Armand Desrochers-Coeur de maman (vocal).mp3
05-Armand Desrochers-Et moi je chante (vocal).mp3
06-Armand Desrochers-Petite fleur (vocal).mp3
07-Louise Phaneuf-Tu es mon démon (vocal).mp3
08-Louise Phaneuf-Pas souvent (vocal).mp3
09-Louise Phaneuf-Pourquoi m'avoir menti (vocal).mp3
10-André Breton-Le jour de retour (vocal).mp3
11-André Breton-Rossignol du Beaucage (vocal).mp3
12-André Breton-Le chant du gardien (vocal).mp3
13-Ti-Noir Joyal-Le reel du pendu (violon).mp3
14-Paul Coté-Reel du camionneur (violon).mp3
15-Paul Coté-Gigue de Caplton (violon).mp3
16-Paul Coté-La gigue du pêcheur (violon).mp3
17-Paul Coté-Two step de Sherbrooke (violon).mp3
18-Paul Coté-Paul Coté spécial (violon).mp3
19-Paul Coté-Sur la route (violon).mp3
20-Paul Coté-Le violon de l'Expo (violon).mp3
21-Paul Coté-L'écorce du bouleau (violon).mp3
22-Paul Coté-Paul breakdown (violon).mp3
23-Élaine Théoret-Laissez-moi rêver (vocal).mp3
24-Élaine Théoret-La petite fille du Québec (vocal).mp3


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stompin' Tom Connors - The Northland's Own (Northlands Zone)

01-The World Goes Around.mp3
02-The Maritime Waltz.mp3
03-The Northern Gentleman.mp3
04-Movin' On To Rouyn.mp3
05-May, The Millwright's Daughter.mp3
06-Algoma Central No. 69.mp3
07-Emily The Maple Leaf.mp3
08-Goin' Back Up North.mp3
09-Streets Of Toronto.mp3
10-My Home Cradled Out In The Waves.mp3
11-The Peterborough Postman.mp3
13-Sudbury Saturday Night.mp3
14-Little Wawa.mp3
15-My Swisha Miss.mp3
16-The Flying C.P.R.mp3


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On Tragedy Trail with Stompin' Tom Connors

01-Tragedy Trail.mp3
02-How The Mountain Came Down.mp3
03-Shanty Town Sharon.mp3
04-Fire In The Mine.mp3
05-Somewhere There's Sorrow.mp3
06-Don Valley Jail.mp3
07-Benny The Bum.mp3
08-Black Donnelly's Massacre.mp3
09-Battle Of Despair.mp3
10-Reesor Crossing Tragedy.mp3
11-Little Boy's Prayer.mp3
12-Around The Bay And Back Again.mp3


Monday, August 24, 2015

Stompin' Tom Connors - Bud The Spud

01-Bud The Spud.mp3
02-The Ketchup Song.mp3
03-Ben, In The Pen.mp3
05-Luke's Guitar (Twang, Twang).mp3
06-My Brother Paul.mp3
07-The Old Atlantic Shore.mp3
08-My Little Eskimo.mp3
09-Reversing Falls Darling.mp3
10-She Don't Speak English.mp3
11-The Canadian Lumber Jack.mp3
12-Sudbury Saturday Night.mp3
13-T. T. C. Skidaddler.mp3
14-(I'll Be) Gone With The Wind.mp3


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stompin' Tom Connors Meets Big Joe Mufferaw

01-Big Joe Mufferaw.mp3
02-Sable Island.mp3
03-Don't Overlove Your Baby.mp3
04-Log Train.mp3
05-Roll On Saskatchewan.mp3
06-Jenny Donnelly.mp3
07-The Coal Boat Song.mp3
08-Algoma Central #69.mp3
09-The Night That I Cremated Sam McGee.mp3
10-Poor, Poor Farmer.mp3
11-My Last Farewell.mp3
12-Rocky Mountain Love.mp3
13-Around The Bay And Back Again.mp3


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stompin' Tom Connors - Pistol Packin' Mama

01-Pistol Packin' Mama.mp3
02-Honky Tonk Girl.mp3
03-Beautiful Girl Of The Prairie.mp3
04-Columbus Stockade Blues.mp3
05-Yellow Rose Of Texas.mp3
06-Kevin Barry.mp3
08-Waltz Of The Bride.mp3
09-The Cat Came Back.mp3


Friday, August 21, 2015

Stompin' Tom Connors - Bringing Them Back

01-Bluebird On Your Windowsill.mp3
02-Wooden Heart.mp3
03-Rockin' Alone In An Old Rocking Chair.mp3
04-When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below).mp3
05-Squid Jiggin' Grounds.mp3
06-Bread And Gravy.mp3
07-My Nova Scotia Home.mp3
08-Lili Marlene.mp3
09-Jamaica Farewell.mp3
10-Red River Valley.mp3
11-Twenty-One Years.mp3


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Graham & Eleanor Townsend - Throughout Time

01-Little Robbie's Jig.mp3
02-Concert Reel.mp3
03-1970 Shelburne Open Champion.mp3
04-Country Canada.mp3
05-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
06-CBC Radio Interview-Reel of the Blindman.mp3
07-CBC cont'd-A Scottish Strathspey.mp3
08-CBC cont'd-Greenfields of America.mp3
09-The Old Man and the Old Woman.mp3
10-End of CBC Interview.mp3
11-Mocking Bird.mp3
12-Celtic Concord Tour with the Maple Sugar group.mp3
13-1979 Shelburne Open Champion.mp3
14-CBC Radio Interview.mp3
16-CBC cont'd-Mississippi Cajun.mp3
17-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
18-Dungannon Waltz, Waltz of the Bells.mp3
19-Backup and Push.mp3
20-Stardust Studio Talk.mp3
22-Tarbolton Reel.mp3
23-Cheticamp Reel.mp3
24-Smile the While ('Til we meet again).mp3
25-A Moment of Silence.mp3


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fred Townsend - Let's Square Dance

01-Stoneboat Jig - Head Couple Forward And Back.mp3
02-Fireman's Reel - Forward Four In A Line.mp3
03-Flowers Of Edinburgh - Birdy In The Centre.mp3
04-Smash The Window - Six On The Side Forward And Back.mp3
05-Kiley's Reel - Down The Centre Cast Of Six.mp3
06-Swamp Lake Breakdown - Lady Round Gent To Follow.mp3
07-Irish Washerwoman - First Lady Step Into The Middle.mp3
08-The Girl I Left Behind Me - The Girl I Left Behind Me.mp3
09-Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown - Three By The Sashay.mp3
10-Haste To The Wedding - Dip And Dive.mp3
11-Billy In The Low Ground - Canadian Breakdown.mp3
12-Heather On The Hill - Back At Circle.mp3
13-Andy's Jig - Right And Left Four And Line.mp3
14-Waltz Quadrille - Waltz Quadrille.mp3
15-Lord MacDonald's Reel - Right Hand Six.mp3
16-Speed The Plough - Turn Your Ladies Back To Back.mp3
17-Northern Lights - Sashay By Address Your Opposite.mp3
18-Griffin's Hornpipe - Circle Three Ladies Around The Outside.mp3


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Willie Lamothe - Les grands du country

01-Je chante à cheval.mp3
02-Allo! allo! petit Michel.mp3
03-Une guitare et un cowboy qui chante.mp3
04-Mon passage en gaspésie.mp3
05-Aux accords de guitare.mp3
06-Chacun sa vie.mp3
07-Allo cowboy.mp3
08-Cowboy Michel.mp3
09-Autour du feu.mp3
10-Mon cheval duke.mp3
11-Ma prairie si jolie.mp3
12-À cheval à Montréal.mp3
13-Lettre à maman.mp3
14-Le chant du draveur.mp3
15-Un fer à cheval.mp3
16-Quand vous aurez vingt ans.mp3
17-Petit Henri.mp3
18-Coeur brisé.mp3
19-Mon Palomino.mp3
20-Le dernier mot à maman.mp3
21-Sur les bords du Saint-Laurent.mp3
22-Une vie brisée.mp3
23-Je suis un vagabond des prairies.mp3
24-Dans une caresse.mp3
25-Sous le ciel bleu de ma prairie.mp3
26-Pourquoi pleurer.mp3
27-Nos artistes canadiens.mp3
28-La chanson de Pedro.mp3
29-Le train du Tennessee.mp3


Monday, August 17, 2015

Roger Bourque - Newfie Girl

01-Newfie Girl.mp3
02-The Prisoner Song.mp3
03-P.E.I. Is Heaven To Me.mp3
04-East Coast Blues.mp3
05-La molue.mp3
06-Newfie Dreamer.mp3
07-Springhill Mine Disaster.mp3
08-Will She Still Want Me.mp3
09-Les par en haut, les par en bas.mp3
10-La frenchie.mp3


Thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wilf Carter Song Book as sung by Floyd Lloyd

01-My Blue Skies.mp3
02-My Queen Of The Prairies.mp3
03-Farewell Sweetheart, Farewell.mp3
04-Keep Smiling Old Pal.mp3
05-My Little Grey Haired Mother In The West.mp3
06-Covered Wagon Headed West.mp3
07-The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me.mp3
08-The Fate Of Old Strawberry Roan.mp3
09-The Little Red Patch On The Seat Of My Trousers.mp3
10-The Capture Of Albert Johnson.mp3
11-The Life And Death Of John Dillinger.mp3
12-Why Did We Ever Part.mp3


Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Carlton Showband - Tribute To Newfoundland

01-I'se The Bye.mp3
02-Star Of Logy Bay.mp3
03-Sonny's Dream.mp3
04-No Price Tags On The Doors Of Newfoundland.mp3
05-Newfoundland Reel.mp3
06-Danny Corcoran.mp3
07-Rubber Boots.mp3
08-Mussels In The Corner.mp3
09-Kellygrews Soiree.mp3
10-Half Hour Later.mp3
11-Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Marys.mp3
12-Northern Lights Of Labrador.mp3
13-Nothing Like A Newfoundlander.mp3
14-Hills Of The Capeshore.mp3
15-Grammy's Jig & Danny's Favourite.mp3


Friday, August 14, 2015

The Carlton Showband - We're Off To Dublin On The Green

01-The Merry Ploughboy.mp3
02-Quiet Land Of Erin.mp3
03-Town Of Galway.mp3
04-Woman From Wexford.mp3
05-Lovely Leitrim.mp3
06-Kennedy Lament.mp3
07-Nelson's Pillar (Up Went Nelson).mp3
08-Lovely Derry.mp3
09-Boys From County Mayo.mp3
10-Siege Of Ennis (Jigs).mp3
11-Bold O'Donohue.mp3
12-Don't Make Me Go Home.mp3
13-Reilly's Daughter (Bonus Single).mp3


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chansons à répondre

01-Prendre un verre de bière mon minou.mp3
02-Le rapide blanc.mp3
03-Donne-moé z'en un p'tit blanc mouman.mp3
04-Le chasseur de filles.mp3
05-La destinée la rose au bois.mp3
06-M'en rev'nant d'St-Donat.mp3
07-En passant par Paris.mp3
08-Moi j'dis pas ça pour rire.mp3
09-C'est un p'tit Cordonnier.mp3
10-La bibitte.mp3
11-Les fraises et les framboises.mp3
12-Les lutteurs.mp3
13-Les caresses (Jusqu' a 30 ans - De 30 a 95 ans).mp3


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Andy Dejarlis - Red River Gumbo

01-Fairyland Jig.mp3
02-Maple Sugar.mp3
03-Teenager's Waltz.mp3
04-Pretty Cindy.mp3
05-Pony Express.mp3
06-Thunder Bay Jig.mp3
07-Four Jacks.mp3
08-Blue Jeans & Gingham.mp3
09-Boggy Creek.mp3
10-Red River Gumbo.mp3


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paul Brunelle chante "L'amour - La Campagne - Les Prairies" Vol. 6

01-Je t'aime, je t'adore.mp3
02-Il n'est jamais trop tard.mp3
03-Mon triste souvenir.mp3
04-Mon enfant je te pardonne.mp3
05-Tu n'étais pas au rendez-vous.mp3
06-Poupée d'amour.mp3
07-Au bord de la rivière.mp3
08-La campagne.mp3
09-On pardonne toujours.mp3
10-Les filles des prairies.mp3


Monday, August 10, 2015

Gerald Bailey - Fiddle Favourites

01-Derrian Lake Jig.mp3
02-Sue's Wedding Waltz.mp3
03-Fiddle Fingers.mp3
04-Petrolia Discovery Jig.mp3
05-Faded Love.mp3
06-Silver Lake Reel.mp3
07-Twinkle Little Star.mp3
08-Edith Irene Two Step.mp3
09-Ethel Marie.mp3
10-Mitton's Breakdown.mp3
11-Mountain View Jig.mp3
12-John Durocher Memorial Waltz.mp3
13-Bailey's Breakdown.mp3


Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Downeast Music of Freddie MacKenna, George Beck and The Maritime Playboys

01-Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb.mp3
02-The Telephone Is Ringing.mp3
03-You Laughed.mp3
04-Moonlight Time.mp3
05-I'm Afraid To Go To Sleep.mp3
06-Millie's Mine.mp3
07-Don't Wait For Me Susie.mp3
08-I Wish I Could Forget You.mp3
09-Great Eternal City.mp3
10-Maritime Capers.mp3


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Graham & Eleanor Townsend - Twin Fiddle Hits

01-Lake On The Mountain.mp3
02-Little Roy's Breakfast.mp3
03-Murray River Jig.mp3
04-McDowell's Breakdown.mp3
05-Harvey's Tune.mp3
06-Angus Campbell.mp3
07-Liberty Two-Step.mp3
08-Crystal Waltz; Over The Waves; Peek-A-Boo Waltz.mp3
09-Rock Valley Jig.mp3
10-Ste. Anne's Reel.mp3
11-Fairy Toddler's Jig.mp3
12-Dusty Miller Reel.mp3


Friday, August 7, 2015

Collection de Jeanne d'Arc Charlebois deux

02-Camilien nous revient.mp3
03-Les Canadiens en Sicile.mp3
04-Mussolini est fini.mp3
05-La jument du père François.mp3
06-La grippe.mp3
07-Le métro.mp3
08-Maurice Richard.mp3
09-Regardez donc mouman.mp3
10-Arthémise marie le bedeau.mp3


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tommy Duchesne et son accordéon - Mes plus chers souvenirs

01-Le reel du petit cordonnier.mp3
02-Le reel de Dolbeau.mp3
03-Le reel de St-Anne.mp3
04-Un vieux cotillon.mp3
05-1ère partie d'un set canadien.mp3
06-Le reel de l'oiseau bleu.mp3
07-Le reel de Roberval.mp3
08-Paul Jones des Cantons de l'Est.mp3
09-Le reel de Val Jalbert.mp3
10-Le reel des montagnards.mp3
11-La valse Denise.mp3
12-Le reel de St-Jérôme.mp3
13-Le reel du soldat joyeux.mp3
14-Le reel de Jean-Guy.mp3
15-La valse du Lac St-Jean.mp3
16-Le breakdown de Portneuf.mp3
17-Le quadrille de Charlevoix.mp3
18-Le quadrille de Cardeuse.mp3
19-Paul Jones de chez nous 1ère partie.mp3
20-Le quadrille de Montréal.mp3
21-Les guenilles.mp3
22-Le Paul Jones d'la Côte-Nord.mp3
23-La valse des travailleurs.mp3
24-Le quadrille de l'Abitibi.mp3
25-La valse des chevaliers.mp3


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tommy Duchesne - Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois

01-Quadrille Maisonneuve.mp3
02-Reel de l'oiseau moqueur.mp3
03-As-tu vu la terre des hommes.mp3
04-Peribonka polka.mp3
05-Quadrille de Champlain.mp3
06-Quadrille de Frontenac.mp3
07-La valse des lilas.mp3
08-Quadrille Hélène de Champlain.mp3
09-Mon beau Lac St-Jean.mp3
10-La gigue écossaise.mp3
11-Quadrille de Peribonka.mp3
12-Valse Nicole.mp3
13-La valse Lise.mp3
14-Quadrille Lac St-Jean.mp3
15-Valse de Laurette.mp3
16-Valse Cécile.mp3
17-Reel Daniel.mp3
18-Quadrille du renard.mp3
19-Reel des voyageurs.mp3
20-Quadrille des sénateurs.mp3
21-Le reel du chaperon d'or.mp3
22-Musette québécoise.mp3
23-À qui l'beau Marleau.mp3
24-Le pigeon voyageur.mp3


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ovila Legaré - Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois

01-Scène de mardi gras.mp3
02-Le petit cotillon blanc.mp3
03-Je suis un lion.mp3
04-Au jardin de mon pŠre.mp3
05-Le prétendant.mp3
06-Ratani Fioute.mp3
07-C'est à boire mesdames.mp3
08-Peti pétaque.mp3
09-Mon cousin, ma cousine.mp3
10-Le communiste.mp3
11-Des mitaines pas de pouce.mp3
12-J'en arrache.mp3
13-Peti-petan beloum.mp3
14-Dans ce temps-là.mp3
15-Trouvez-vous que les pelottes de neige.mp3
16-Je ne sais plus quoi faire.mp3
17-J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre.mp3


Monday, August 3, 2015

Ti-Blanc Richard - Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois Volume 1

01-Big John McNeil.mp3
02-Le reel du Saguenay.mp3
03-Le reel de la disputeuse.mp3
04-Valse Élizabeth.mp3
05-La joie du soldat.mp3
06-Reel des quatre coins de St-Malo.mp3
07-Valse de l'arc-en-ciel.mp3
08-Le reel de l'Expo.mp3
09-Le reel à Max.mp3
10-La valse de Shannon.mp3
11-Le reel de Coaticook.mp3
12-La contredanse.mp3
13-Le reel des majorettes.mp3
14-Reel des pays d'en haut.mp3
15-La raspa.mp3
16-The chicken reel.mp3
17-Le reel Anne-Marie.mp3
18-Le reel swing la baquaise.mp3
19-Le reel des trophées.mp3
20-Le reel du festival.mp3
21-Le reel du palmarès.mp3
22-Le reel de Mexico.mp3
23-Le reel du chat botté.mp3
24-Le reel des sardines.mp3


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ti-Blanc Richard - Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois Volume 2

01-Le money musk.mp3
02-La grondeuse.mp3
03-Le reel des deux copains.mp3
04-La valse des hirondelles.mp3
05-Le reel du sucre d'érable.mp3
06-La polka de la machine à coudre.mp3
08-Le reel des carabins.mp3
09-Le reel des quatre as.mp3
10-Thème à la canadienne.mp3
11-Le reel d'Alexis.mp3
12-Le breakdown de la victoire.mp3
13-Le reel du métro.mp3
14-Le reel des concombres.mp3
15-Valse prisonnière.mp3
16-Le reel du bec fin.mp3
17-Le reel en la mineur.mp3
18-La valse en do majeur.mp3
19-Le reel cotton eyed Joe.mp3
20-Pot-pourri de reels des fêtes.mp3


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thérèse Rioux - Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois

01-L'oiseau moqueur.mp3
02-Clarinette polka.mp3
03-Gigue à popa.mp3
04-Reel les hauteurs.mp3
05-Valse Gaudet.mp3
06-Reel hérisson.mp3
07-Reel de Rimouski.mp3
08-Valse allemande.mp3
09-Reel à Paul.mp3
10-Reel irlandais.mp3
11-Red wings reel.mp3
12-Valse Richard.mp3
13-Reel de St-Gabriel.mp3
14-Reel de Wildcat.mp3
15-Reel mexicain.mp3
16-Reel de Gagnonville.mp3
17-Reel voltigeur.mp3
18-Reel St-Charles.mp3
19-Reel de la pointe.mp3