Monday, February 29, 2016

Folk Music from Nova Scotia

01-Edmund Henneberry-Jocky to the Fair.mp3
02-Fred and Finvola Redden-The Banks of Claudy.mp3
03-Malcolm Angus McLeod-Mo Dhachaidh.mp3
04-Edmund Henneberry-Captain Conrod.mp3
05-Danny Slauenwhite and Eleazer Nauss-New Year's and Children's Verse in German.mp3
06-Charles Owen-The Welcome Table.mp3
07-William Paul, Martin Sack, and John Knockwood-Micmac Indian War Song.mp3
08-Laure Irène McNeil-Acadian Lullaby.mp3
09-Mrs. Louis and Sephora Amirault-Matin je me leve, Un.mp3
10-Sephora Amirault-Chanson d'un soldat.mp3
11-Hilaire Pothier and Laure Irene McNeil-Acadian Dance Tune.mp3
12-Angelo Dornan-Chin Music.mp3
13-Kenneth Faulkner-Lord Gordon's Reel.mp3
14-Kenneth Faulkner and Edmund Henneberry-Rafferty's Reel and Calls.mp3
15-Kenneth Faulkner-Paddy in London.mp3
16-Edmund Henneberry-Old Tune Played on the Mouth Organ.mp3
17-Fred Redden-Lady Gowrie.mp3
18-Sandy Stoddard-Moose and Bear Calls.mp3
19-Joseph Hyson, Leander Macumber, W.H. Smith, William Smith-Sally Around the Corner O.mp3
20-Mrs. Grant Covey-Rain, Rain the Wind Does Blow.mp3
21-Edmund Henneberry, Kenneth Faulkner-The False Knight Upon the Road.mp3
22-Mrs. Edward Gallagher-I'm Going To Get Married.mp3
23-Angelo Dornan-The Red Mantle.mp3
24-Nathan Hatt-His Jacket Was Blue.mp3
25-Edmund and Sadie Henneberry-The Gay Spanish Maid.mp3


Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Heart of Cape Breton

01-Ceilidh Trail School Concert - reels.mp3
02-Port Hood Arena Dance - strathspeys and reels.mp3
03-Mabou Hall Dance - reels.mp3
04-Broad Cove Scottish Concert - lament, strathspeys and reels.mp3
05-Glencoe Mills Dance - jigs.mp3
06-Port Hood Arena Dance - march, strathspeys and reels.mp3
07-Mabou Hall Dance - jigs.mp3
08-Mabou Ceilidh - strathspeys and reels.mp3
09-Brook Village Dance - strathspey and reels.mp3
10-Port Hood Arena Dance - jigs.mp3
11-Brook Village Dance - reels.mp3
12-Ceilidh Trail School Concert - strathspeys and reels.mp3


Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Beaton Family of Mabou - Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music

01-Thomas MacDonnell's Strathspey.mp3
03-Bandelena March.mp3
04-Mary Ann MacDougall's.mp3
05-The Haughs of Cromdale.mp3
06-Sandy MacIntyre's March.mp3
07-Glenn Graham's Jig.mp3
08-Coilsfield House.mp3
09-The Brig o' Balater Strathspey.mp3
10-Do'igean Bachd.mp3
11-A Joan Boes Tune.mp3
12-The Maids of Islay.mp3
13-Back of the Change House Strathspey.mp3
14-Andrea Beaton's March.mp3
15-Lady Dorthea Stewart Murray.mp3


Friday, February 26, 2016

Jerry Holland - Master Cape Breton Fiddler

01-Reichswall Forest.mp3
02-Andy Dejarlis.mp3
03-My Lily.mp3
04-The Street Player.mp3
05-Cutting Ferns.mp3
07-Miss Johnson.mp3
08-Mike MacDougall's.mp3
09-Sir Archibald Dunbar.mp3
10-Donald John the Tailor.mp3
11-Beauties of the Ballroom.mp3
12-John MacColl's Farewell.mp3


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jerry Holland - The Fiddlesticks Collection

01-Reichswall Forest.mp3
02-Andy Dejarlis' Ingonish Jig.mp3
03-Cutting Ferns.mp3
04-Jenny's Wedding.mp3
05-The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote.mp3
06-Cranking Out.mp3
07-Reel For Carl.mp3
08-Beautiful Lake Ainslie.mp3
09-Arthur Muise.mp3
10-Souter Johnny.mp3
11-Alex Menzie's.mp3
12-The Ashokan Farewell.mp3
13-The MacDonalds Of Hamilton.mp3
14-The Old Boar.mp3
15-Fr. John Angus Rankin.mp3
16-Sweet Journeys.mp3
17-Mrs. Crawford.mp3
18-Memories Of Elmer Briand.mp3
19-Drummond Castle.mp3
20-Sheehan's Reel.mp3


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

16 Great Canadian Country Artists

01-Irwin Prescott-Go, Rattler, Go.mp3
02-Ron McMunn-Forever & Ever.mp3
03-Shirley Ann-No One Will Ever Know.mp3
04-Billy Stoltz-I Knew We'd Meet Again.mp3
05-Boutilier Brothers-Somebody Touched Me.mp3
06-Terry Parker-Wide Rolling Plains.mp3
07-Hank Smith-Nine Pound Hammer.mp3
08-Angus Walker-Cadillacin' Around.mp3
09-Bob King-Texas Leather & Mexican Lace.mp3
10-Ralph Carlson-Three Plays For A Quarter.mp3
11-Shirley Field-He Taught Me How To Yodel.mp3
12-Jerry Hatton-Bubbles In My Beer.mp3
13-Ted Germain-Sable Island Shore.mp3
14-Shirley Thomas-Once A Day.mp3
15-Mac Beattie-This Ottawa Valley Of Mine.mp3
16-Tom Wilson-The St. Lawrence River's My Home.mp3


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Old Time Guitar Of Vince Lebeau

01-Pat MacDonald's Jig.mp3
02-Tarantula Tarantella.mp3
03-Mike's Breakdown.mp3
04-Rustic Dance.mp3
05-Simon's Tune.mp3
06-Staccato Breakdown.mp3
07-Fiesta Waltz.mp3
08-Pony Dance.mp3
09-Liberty Two Step.mp3
10-Whistler's Tune.mp3
12-Charlotte Whitton Breakdown.mp3


Monday, February 22, 2016

Ned Landry - Fiddlin' Favourites

01-St. Ann's Reel.mp3
02-Lord Beaverbrook Special.mp3
03-Road To the Isles.mp3
04-Darling Nellie Gray.mp3
05-The Blackberry Quadrille.mp3
06-My Bonnie Lassie.mp3
07-Blue Mountain Rag.mp3
08-Cock Of the North.mp3
09-Lone Star Rag.mp3
10-Balken Hills.mp3
11-Little Burnt Potato Jig.mp3
12-Soldiers' Joy.mp3


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ned Landry - Me And My Fiddle

01-Pointe-Au-Pic - Breakdown.mp3
02-By The Fireside - Polka.mp3
03-McNab's Hornpipe.mp3
04-The Last Letter - Vocal.mp3
05-Dusty Miller - Reel.mp3
06-The Blue Canadian Rockies - Waltz.mp3
07-Rubber Dolly.mp3
08-Three Men On A White Horse - Breakdown.mp3
09-The Heartbroken Blues - Vocal.mp3
10-The Western Twist.mp3
11-The Peek-A-Boo - Waltz.mp3
12-Liberty Two-Step.mp3


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Scotty Stevenson & The Canadian Nighthawks

01-Together Again.mp3
02-Poor Folk.mp3
03-Guitar Boogie.mp3
04-Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me.mp3
05-Expo '67.mp3
06-Resin On The Bow.mp3
07-We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds.mp3
10-Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green.mp3
11-Blue Hawaii.mp3


Friday, February 19, 2016

16 Great Country Songs by 16 Great Canadian Country Artists

01-Luke Simmons & The Blue Mountain Boys-Wabash Cannonball.mp3
02-Donn Reynolds-No One Will Ever Know.mp3
03-Bob King-The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me.mp3
04-Joyce Smith-Jambalaya.mp3
05-Stu Phillips-Streets Of Laredo.mp3
06-Angus Walker-If Teardrops Were Pennies.mp3
07-Ron McMunn-Wedding Bells.mp3
08-Gerry Myers-The French Song.mp3
09-Joe Kozak-Tennessee Central No. 9.mp3
10-Marg Osburne-Sweet Betsy From Pike.mp3
11-Russ Wheeler-Tragic Romance.mp3
12-Gerry Hatton-Mansion On The Hill.mp3
13-Hank Smith-Hey, Good Lookin'.mp3
14-Terry Parker-He Taught Me To Yodel.mp3
15-Billy Whelan-Bouquet Of Roses.mp3
16-Hank LaRiviere-Maple Sugar Sweetheart.mp3


Thursday, February 18, 2016

16 Great Country Songs by 16 Great Canadian Country Artists

01-Ron McMunn-Salty Dog.mp3
02-Carl Ellis-I Wonder Where You Are Tonight.mp3
03-George Beck-Foolish Questions.mp3
04-The Boutilier Bros-My Walkin' Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore.mp3
05-Hank Smith-Tired Of Livin'.mp3
06-Hank LaRiviere-I'm A Convict With Old Glory In My Heart.mp3
07-Linda Longard-Sweet Lies.mp3
08-George Longard-My Everlasting Love.mp3
09-Jerry Hatton-The Wild Side Of Life.mp3
10-Shirley Field-Shattered.mp3
11-Carl Lofstrom-Tell Me Why My Daddy Don't Come Home.mp3
12-Billy Whelan-Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair.mp3
13-Mac Beattie-The Log Drivers' Song.mp3
14-Bob and Marie King-The French Song.mp3
15-Brent & Harry-Foolin' Round.mp3
16-Angus Walker-Poor Little Bullfrog.mp3


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Smilin' Jack Silvers and his Sons of the Plains - Sing a Country Song

01-I'm The One To Blame.mp3
02-Crazy Me.mp3
03-Hey Baby (Can't Take Another Chance With You).mp3
04-The High Cost Of Living.mp3
05-Roses And Rings.mp3
06-(Hey Boy) Stop Kissing My Sister.mp3
08-(If You Love Me) Please Tell Me.mp3
09-Stop Foolin' 'Round.mp3
10-Nine Pound Hammer.mp3


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Marcel Martel

01-Fleur des bois.mp3
02-Nashville Tennessee.mp3
03-Un jour comme ça.mp3
04-Tu ne m'auras plus.mp3
05-Coeur de maman.mp3
06-J'entends le train.mp3
07-Je te veux, je t'espère, je t'attends.mp3
08-Vogue mon bateau.mp3
09-Si tu ne veux pas de moi.mp3
10-Je marche sur la route.mp3

Monday, February 15, 2016

Clare Adlam presents Hoedown Harmonies

01-Satan's Nightmare.mp3
02-Meet Me Tonight In The Garden.mp3
03-Fancy Frills.mp3
04-Georgian Bay Breakdown.mp3
05-I Love Her, Yes I Do.mp3
06-Clairie's Favorite Jig.mp3
07-The Canada Loggin' Bee.mp3
08-Little Laddie.mp3
09-The Saugeen Valley Jig.mp3
10-Courtin' Sara Jane.mp3
11-A Flame That's Burning.mp3
12-The Green Fields Of Home.mp3


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mac Beattie And The Ottawa Valley Melodiers - A Visit To The Ottawa Valley

01-The Log Drivers Song.mp3
02-Moonlight Memory.mp3
03-Moonshine Mac.mp3
04-Blue Laurentians.mp3
05-My Renfrew County Home.mp3
06-The Arnprior Centennial Song.mp3
07-Lake Dore Waltz.mp3
08-Tribute To Frank Martin Of Lake Dore, Ont.mp3
09-Little Stubby Toes.mp3
10-Such Is The Life Of A Band.mp3


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mac Beattie and his Ottawa Valley Melodiers - Canadian Folk and Country Songs

01-The Good Old Maritimes.mp3
02-Vancouver Island.mp3
03-Miners' Holiday.mp3
04-My Red Headed Girl From Quebec.mp3
05-Paddy Daley.mp3
06-The Washboard Polka.mp3
07-Take Me Back To The Madawaska Valley.mp3
08-In A Little Shack Up The Pontiac.mp3
09-Ross Township's My Home.mp3
10-Bonnechere Waltz.mp3


Friday, February 12, 2016

Mac Beattie & His Melodiers - This Ottawa Valley Of Mine

01-This Ottawa Valley Of Mine.mp3
02-Sing A Swingy Lullaby.mp3
03-Carleton County.mp3
04-Saturday Night Up The Gatineau.mp3
05-Delta, My Leeds County Home.mp3
06-Train Wreck At Almonte.mp3
07-Bank Robbery At Cobden.mp3
08-The Lanark Fire.mp3
09-My Renfrew County Home.mp3
10-St. Patrick's Day At Neville's.mp3


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mac Beattie & His Melodiers - Sing a Song

01-Sing A Song.mp3
02-Just A Little While Ago.mp3
03-The Turkey's End.mp3
04-Could It Have Been Heaven.mp3
05-Rockabye Waltz.mp3
06-Maple Sugar Blues.mp3
07-The Old Tyme Fiddler's Dream.mp3
08-Tonight At My Table All Alone.mp3
09-Swingin' At The Hotel Renfrew.mp3
10-The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door.mp3


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mac Beattie's Melodiers - Thru The Years

01-Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes.mp3
02-Have You Ever Been Lonely.mp3
03-In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town.mp3
04-Four Walls.mp3
05-Tiny Bubbles.mp3
06-Snow Flakes.mp3
07-Blue Canadian Rockies.mp3
08-Love Letters In The Sand.mp3
09-Bye Bye Blackbird.mp3
10-Red Sails In The Sunset.mp3


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mac Beattie and the Ottawa Valley Melodiers - 25th Anniversary

01-A Fiddle, Gee-tar And Washboard.mp3
02-Misery Loves Company.mp3
03-Country Music Man ''Chuck Davis''.mp3
04-The Beaches Of Dieppe.mp3
05-A Canadian Song Of Thanks.mp3
06-On The Banks Of The Ottawa.mp3
07-Northern Ontario Blues.mp3
08-Mister Charlie Chamberlain.mp3
09-Dream Island.mp3
10-Moonlight Memories.mp3


Monday, February 8, 2016

Mac Beattie & The Ottawa Valley Melodiers - In Stereo By Request

01-Riding Down To Santa Fe.mp3
02-Madawaska Valley.mp3
03-Lake Dore Waltz.mp3
04-Squaws Along The Yukon.mp3
05-The Log Driver's Song.mp3
06-Little Shack Up The Pontiac.mp3
07-Tonight At My Table All Alone.mp3
08-My Red Headed Girl From Quebec.mp3
09-Northern Ontario Blues.mp3
10-Saturday Night Up The Gatineau.mp3


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mac Beattie and The Ottawa Valley Melodiers - Mr. Ottawa Valley

02-A Tribute To Frank Ryan.mp3
03-Back In The Pakenham Hills.mp3
04-Peter, Peter Pumkin Eater.mp3
05-My Happiness.mp3
06-Gavan's Hotel At Quyon, Quebec.mp3
07-Michael Patrick From The Mountain, Mary Ellen From The Bay.mp3
08-Lamplighting Time In The Valley.mp3
09-Autumn Memories.mp3
10-Pretty As A Queen.mp3


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Down East Fiddling with Johnny Mooring and his Melodiers

01-Trip To Windsor.mp3
02-Little Black Moustache.mp3
03-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
04-Carl's Favorite Jig.mp3
05-Sailor's Hornpipe.mp3
06-Twilight Waltz.mp3
07-Dreamy Eyed Waltz.mp3
08-Soldier's Joy.mp3
09-Johnny Mooring's Hornpipe.mp3
10-Billy Wilson's Clog.mp3


Friday, February 5, 2016

Fiddlin' Fun With Johnny Mooring

01-Pembroke Reel.mp3
02-Blind Man's Reel.mp3
03-Dauphin Waltz.mp3
04-Draggin' The Bow.mp3
05-Wild Colonial Boy.mp3
06-The Duke & Duchess Of Edinburgh Reel.mp3
07-Fiddling Red's Jig.mp3
08-Black Velvet Waltz.mp3
09-Chatauguay Reel.mp3
10-Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair.mp3


Thursday, February 4, 2016

North American Fiddling Champion Johnny Mooring Plays

01-Fred Meilleurs Hornpipe.mp3
02-Roadrunners Two Step.mp3
03-Clayton Poirier Reel.mp3
04-Archie Menzies & Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
05-Maid Behind The Bar.mp3
06-Puppet Reel.mp3
07-Carol Kennedy Waltz.mp3
08-Little Burnt Potato Jig.mp3
09-Caledonian Schottische.mp3
10-Rosebud Of Avonmore Waltz.mp3
11-Haste To The Wedding Jig.mp3
12-Champion Hornpipe.mp3


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

North American Fiddle Champion Johnny Mooring Plays Waltzes

01-Carol Kennedy Waltz.mp3
02-Twilight Waltz.mp3
03-The Canadian Centennial Waltz.mp3
04-Over The Waves.mp3
05-A Norweigan Waltz.mp3
06-Hestitation Waltz.mp3
07-The Marion Waltz.mp3
08-The Dauphin Waltz.mp3
09-The Tarr Waltz.mp3
10-The Wild Colonial Boy.mp3


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Johnny Mooring - North American Fiddle Champion

01-Clayton Poirier Reel.mp3
02-Little Stacks Of Barley.mp3
03-Trapper's Jig.mp3
04-Mom's Waltz.mp3
05-Timber Tom.mp3
06-Dancing Don's Clog.mp3
07-Teetotaller's Reel.mp3
08-Byeways Reel.mp3
09-Trip To Windsor.mp3
10-Hector The Hero.mp3


Monday, February 1, 2016

Four Strings and I with Johnny Mooring

01-Four String & I (Vocal Johnny Mooring).mp3
02-Geese In The Bog.mp3
03-Blue Spanish Eyes.mp3
04-Springhill Jig.mp3
05-Flowers Of Edinburgh.mp3
06-Joy Of Quebec.mp3
07-Autumn Waltz.mp3
08-Ray's Favourite.mp3
09-The Western Waltz.mp3
10-Paddy On The Turnpike.mp3