Thursday, March 31, 2016

Country Music Hall Presents Paul Menard

01-Fiddlin' Rag.mp3
02-Don't Let The Deal Go Down.mp3
03-Hang-Man's Reel.mp3
04-Cherokee Shuffle.mp3
05-Lonesome Indian.mp3
06-Silver Bells.mp3
07-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
08-Black Mountain Rag.mp3
09-Shenandoah Waltz.mp3
10-Me And My Fiddle.mp3


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ernie Levesque Calls Canadian Square Dances with The Canadian Twin Fiddlers

01-1st Change With Calls-Two Steps Ahead and Two Steps Back.mp3
02-2nd Change With Calls-1st Couple Lead to the Right and Lady Go Seek.mp3
03-3rd Change With Calls-Ladies In The Centre Facing Out.mp3
04-1st Change With Calls-1st Couple Go To The Right Circle 4, Circle 6, Circle 8.mp3
05-2nd Change With Calls-Lady Around Lady and Gent Follow.mp3
06-3rd Change With Calls-Birdie In The Cage.mp3


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ted Daigle & His Westerners - Western Hits

01-Remember Me.mp3
02-I Was Number One.mp3
03-A Little Bitty Tear.mp3
04-I'll Try Again.mp3
05-The Chosen One.mp3
06-Ten Years.mp3
07-Homeless Hearts.mp3
08-Four Thousand Years Ago.mp3
09-Just A Girl I Used To Know.mp3
10-Not Enough To Go Around.mp3
11-Everybody's Somebody's Fool.mp3
12-Your Turn To Cry.mp3


Monday, March 28, 2016

Teenage Time With Ted Daigle

01-Rock 'n' Roll Ruby.mp3
02-When You Said You All.mp3
03-Mary Lou.mp3
04-Mind Your Own Business.mp3
05-Frankie & Johnnie.mp3
06-So Doggone Lonesome.mp3
07-I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water.mp3
08-Cut Across Shorty.mp3
09-Ballad Of A Teenage Queen.mp3
10-No One Else.mp3
11-Sweet Little Sixteen.mp3
12-Red Hen Hop.mp3
13-Farewell Adelita.mp3
14-It May Be Silly (But Ain't It Fun).mp3
15-Mary Lou.mp3
16-Frankie's Man, Johnny.mp3
17-Me And My Big Loud Mouth.mp3
18-I Miss You.mp3
19-In A World Of Our Own.mp3
20-What Comes Next.mp3
21-No One Else.mp3
23-Walk The Floor.mp3
24-When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again.mp3
25-Oh Lonesome Me.mp3
26-Labrador Retriever.mp3
27-Everybody's Somebody's Fool.mp3
28-Sandy Morgan's Gin.mp3
29-New Baby For Christmas.mp3
30-When You Said You All.mp3
31-Rock 'n' Roll Ruby.mp3


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bob King - Keepin' It Country

01-Daddy's Black Land Farm.mp3
02-Cajun Love.mp3
03-Daddy Despair.mp3
04-Let's Make A Fair Trade.mp3
06-Southern Comfort.mp3
07-Working On The County Road.mp3
08-I'll Be Home.mp3
09-Laurel Lee.mp3
10-Louisiana Swampman.mp3


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Aaron Solomon - Fiddle Pickin'

01-Crooked Stovepipe.mp3
02-Woodchopper's Breakdown.mp3
04-Lord Alexander's Reel.mp3
06-Tom Billy's Jig.mp3
07-Paul Barfoot's Breakdown.mp3
08-Joys Of Quebec.mp3
09-Buck Fever Rag.mp3
10-Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
11-Clarinet Polka.mp3
12-Aaron's Waltz.mp3
13-Irish Washerwoman.mp3
14-Bowing The Strings.mp3


Friday, March 25, 2016

George Wade and His Cornhuskers

01-My Darling Nellie Grey.mp3
02-Rock Valley.mp3
03-The Mason's Apron.mp3
04-Firemen's Reel.mp3
05-The Devil's Dream.mp3
06-Soldier's Joy.mp3
07-Opera Reel.mp3
08-Arkansas Traveller.mp3
09-Mountain High - Yodel Song.mp3
10-The Chisholm Trail.mp3
11-Five Mile Chase.mp3
12-Medley Of Reels.mp3
13-Acrobat Reel.mp3
14-Waltz Quadrille.mp3
15-Lord Saltouns Reel.mp3
16-Haste To The Wedding.mp3
17-Cullen House.mp3
18-Old Time Reel Medley.mp3
19-Old Time Waltz Medley.mp3
20-Reel Medley.mp3
21-Little Brown Jug.mp3
22-Father O'Flynn.mp3
23-Buffalo Girl.mp3
24-McDonald's Reel.mp3


Thursday, March 24, 2016

King Ganam & His Sons Of The West

01-Ridin' The Fiddle.mp3
02-Alberta Stomp.mp3
03-Kitty O'Neil.mp3
04-The Banjo Polka.mp3
05-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
06-May You Never See Sunshine Again.mp3
07-Holiday Waltz.mp3
08-The Island Breakdown.mp3
09-Kiley's Reel.mp3
10-Tomahawk Stomp.mp3
11-Western Reel Medley.mp3
12-Hot Canary.mp3
13-Somebody's Rose.mp3
14-You'll Never Be Satisfied.mp3
15-Champagne Polka.mp3
16-Marilyn Bell Reel.mp3
17-The Farmer's Schottische.mp3
18-King Ganam's Special.mp3


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wally Traugott - Snowflake Breakdown

01-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
02-Irish Washerwoman.mp3
03-Boil Them Cabbage Down.mp3
04-Buckskin Bandwagon.mp3
05-Bonnie Prince Charlie.mp3
06-Old Tyme Jubilee.mp3
07-Kansas City Railroad Blues (with The Mainstreeters).mp3
08-Little Old Home In West Virginia (with The Mainstreeters).mp3
09-Wally's Folly (with The Mainstreeters).mp3
10-Jazz Pizzicato (with The Mainstreeters).mp3
11-Maple Sugar (Two Step).mp3
12-Wednesday Night Waltz.mp3
13-Darktown Strutter's Ball.mp3
14-Clarinet Polka.mp3
15-Heel And Toe Polka.mp3
16-Rochester Schottishe.mp3
17-Rye Waltz.mp3


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Time With Ryan's Fancy

01-Coal Town Road.mp3
02-Tie Me Down.mp3
04-Jackie Tar.mp3
05-Danny Boy.mp3
06-Kerry Slides.mp3
07-Life Of The Country Boy.mp3
08-Mist Covered Mountains Of Home.mp3
09-The Bluenose.mp3
11-Cliffs Of Bacclieu.mp3
12-Mist Upon A Morning.mp3


Monday, March 21, 2016

Ryan's Fancy - Dance Around This One

01-Fella From Fortune.mp3
02-Sweet Forget Me Not.mp3
03-Sonny's Dream.mp3
04-Biddy Mulligan.mp3
06-Willie McBride.mp3
07-Dark Island.mp3
08-West Country Lady.mp3
09-The Island Song.mp3
11-The West's Awake.mp3
12-Candlelight And Wine.mp3


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Newfoundland Old Time Fiddle Music with The Shamrocks

01-Cork Of The North.mp3
02-Tuggerman's Jig.mp3
03-Bonavis' Harbour.mp3
04-Farmer's Jamboree.mp3
05-Burnt Potato.mp3
06-Rock Valley.mp3
07-Jimmy's Favorite Jig.mp3
08-Uncle Jim.mp3
09-Irish Washerwoman.mp3
10-Buckwheat Batter.mp3


Thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Square Dance Tonight with Carl Elliott and the Nova Scotians

01-Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
02-Rock Valley Jig.mp3
03-Elliott's Hornpipe.mp3
04-Maple Sugar.mp3
05-New Brunswick Hornpipe.mp3
06-Darling Nellie Gray.mp3
07-Red Haired Boy.mp3
08-Angus Campbell.mp3
09-Money Musk.mp3
10-Shannon Waltz.mp3
11-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
12-Carleton County Hornpipe.mp3
13-Maid Behind The Bar.mp3


Friday, March 18, 2016

Carl Elliott and the Nova Scotians - Down East Dancin'

01-Blue Mountain Hornpipe.mp3
02-Irishman's Farewell.mp3
03-White Rose Waltz.mp3
04-Shelburne Reel.mp3
05-Souris Lighthouse & Mouth of the Tobique.mp3
06-The White River Stomp.mp3
07-Mackilmoyle's Reel.mp3
08-Mother's Reel.mp3
09-Zenda Waltz.mp3
10-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
11-Teenage Calypso.mp3
12-Gerald's Favourite.mp3


Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Nova Scotia Fiddlers - Old-Tyme Fiddle Favourites

01-Blue Water Hornpipe.mp3
02-Crooked Stovepipe.mp3
03-Arkansas Traveller.mp3
04-Economy Waltz.mp3
05-Wind That Shakes The Barley.mp3
06-By The Fireside.mp3
07-Londerry & London Hornpipes.mp3
08-DeRochers Hornpipe.mp3
09-Big John McNeil & Dusty Miller Reel.mp3
10-Over The Waves Waltz.mp3


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Carl Elliott - Down Home Fiddler - Great All-Time Fiddle Favourites

01-Brenda's Reel.mp3
02-Hometown Hornpipe.mp3
03-Rustic Jig.mp3
04-Silver Wedding Waltz.mp3
05-Busy Fingers.mp3
06-St. Laurent Reel.mp3
07-Trudeau's Reel.mp3
08-Bailey's Breakdown.mp3
09-Mason's Apron.mp3
10-Turn Of The Century.mp3
11-Golden Wedding.mp3


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Olaf Sveen - 14 Polka Time Selections

01-Accordion Polka.mp3
02-Playmates Polka.mp3
03-Go West Polka.mp3
04-Barbara Polka.mp3
05-There Is A Tavern In The Town Polka.mp3
06-Red Wing Polka.mp3
07-Prince Albert Polka.mp3
08-Polka From Uppland.mp3
09-Suomalainen Polka.mp3
10-Sollenkroka Polka.mp3
11-River Park Polka.mp3
12-Hop And Skip Polka.mp3
13-Paul's Polka.mp3
14-Parkway Polka.mp3


Monday, March 14, 2016

Joseph Cormier

02-Mrs. Scott Skinner.mp3
03-Johnnie Cope.mp3
04-Strathspey In Eb.mp3
05-The Iron Man.mp3
06-Miss Lyle's Strathspey.mp3
07-A Salute To Winston Fitzgerald.mp3
08-Tom MacCormack's.mp3
09-Glencoe Bridge March.mp3
10-The Bonnie Lass O Bon Accord.mp3


Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Best Of Charlie MacKinnon

01-The Ballad Of The Old Buck Saw.mp3
02-Donald From Bras d'Or.mp3
03-Ballad Of A Teenage Tragedy.mp3
04-Ballad Of Peter Emberly.mp3
05-Somebody's Waiting For You.mp3
06-Sir John The Cat.mp3
07-Black Around Their Eyes.mp3
08-Between Two Trees.mp3
09-The Fenian Gun.mp3
10-Down In The Coal Mine.mp3


Saturday, March 12, 2016

16 Great Guitar Instrumentals By Canada's Top Guitarists

01-The Hachey Bros.-San Antonio Rose.mp3
02-Rodgers Bros.-Hank's Hop.mp3
03-Danny Behanan-Weeping Willow.mp3
04-Len McDonald-Boot Heel Drag.mp3
05-Rodgers Bros.-White Velvet.mp3
06-Happy Roamin' Rangers-Bud's Bounce.mp3
07-Ross Broughm-Home Sweet Home.mp3
08-The Hachey Bros.-A Gay Ranchero.mp3
09-The Hachey Bros.-Panhandle Rag.mp3
10-Happy Roamin' Rangers-Blue Canadian Rockies.mp3
11-Ross Broughm-Wheels.mp3
12-Rodgers Bros.-Bob Bowman Hop.mp3
13-Ken Davidson-Wildwood Flower.mp3
14-Champ Johnson-Southland.mp3
15-Ken Davidson-Steel Bouncin'.mp3
16-The Hachey Bros.-How High The Moon.mp3


Friday, March 11, 2016

Vic Mullen - Mr. Country Strings

01-Lonesome Road Blues.mp3
02-Foster Medley.mp3
03-Hill Lily.mp3
04-Westphal Waltz.mp3
05-Birch Mountain Hop.mp3
06-Gathering Flowers.mp3
07-Sugar In The Gourd.mp3
08-Home Sweet Home.mp3
09-Mouth Of The Tobique.mp3
10-Pretty Terri L..mp3


Thursday, March 10, 2016

16 Great Skating Instrumentals

01-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Evening On The Lake.mp3
02-Graham Townsend-Frank McKnight Waltz.mp3
03-J. MacLellan & The Cosy Cottars-Braes Of Portsoy.mp3
04-June Eikhard-Rose Waltz.mp3
05-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Farmer's Waltz.mp3
06-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Always Happy Waltz.mp3
07-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Scottish Medley.mp3
08-Ed Gyurki-Sharron Waltz.mp3
09-Don Messer & His Islanders-Interlake Waltz.mp3
10-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Beautiful Caroline.mp3
11-Ed Gyurki-Westphalia Waltz.mp3
12-J. MacLellan & The Cosy Cottars-Mazurka Waltz.mp3
13-June Eikhard-Over The Waves Waltz.mp3
14-Graham Townsend-Roman Teller Waltz.mp3
15-Olaf Sveen & His Orchestra-Saturday Waltz.mp3
16-The Aces-Honeymoon Waltz.mp3


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Irish Night In Canada

01-Jack McCutcheon-Eileen Oge.mp3
02-Alda McCaffrey-Connemara Lullaby.mp3
03-William Doyle-Terry Coombes Hornpipe.mp3
04-Pat Carroll-Sweet Place Names Of Ireland.mp3
05-Peggy Mullaney-An Habit Shirt.mp3
06-Des & Gregg-The Mermaid.mp3
07-Alda McCaffrey-Danny Boy.mp3
08-Jack McCutcheon-Ben Eadair.mp3
09-Denis Moroney-Moroney's Favourite Reel and Floggin' Reel.mp3
10-William Doyle-Organ Medley Of Irish Favourites.mp3


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ottawa Valley Hoedown with Reg Hill

01-The Road To Fort Coulonge.mp3
02-Renfrew County Centennial Breakdown.mp3
03-Peek-A-Boo Waltz.mp3
04-Leo Carroll's Hornpipe.mp3
05-The Short Grass.mp3
06-Granny's Breakdown.mp3
07-The Logger's Jig.mp3
08-The Arnprior Centennial Breakdown.mp3
09-The Helicopter Polka.mp3
10-The Buck Fever Rag.mp3
11-The Dancing Waters Waltz.mp3
12-Reg Hill's Breakdown.mp3


Monday, March 7, 2016

Ottawa Valley Hoedown #2 with Reg Hill

01-The Kiddy Car Reel.mp3
02-The Timber Raft Jig.mp3
03-Avonmore Breakdown.mp3
04-Waltz Promenade.mp3
05-Bonnechere Point Strathspey.mp3
06-Dad's Breakdown.mp3
07-The Long Sault Hornpipe.mp3
08-Clayton Poirier Two-Step.mp3
09-The Hangman's Waltz.mp3
10-Scrambled Eggs.mp3
11-Musty Muldoon's Irish Jig.mp3
12-The Broadaxe Breakdown.mp3


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reg Hill & The Ottawa Valley Melodiers - 14 Great Fiddle Favourites

01-My Love Is But A Lassie O.mp3
02-Money Musk.mp3
03-Westphalia Waltz.mp3
04-The Headlight Reel.mp3
05-The Road To The Isles.mp3
06-Shamus O'Brien.mp3
07-Cock O' The North.mp3
08-Haste To The Wedding.mp3
09-The Golden Stream Waltz.mp3
10-The Devil's Dream.mp3
11-The Soldier's Joy.mp3
12-The Chateauguay Reel.mp3
13-Bonnie Dundee.mp3
14-To Daunton Me.mp3


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reg Hill - Ottawa Valley Fiddling

01-Madawaska River Breakdown.mp3
02-Road To Fort Coulonge.mp3
03-Uncle John McDermid's Reel.mp3
04-Lake Kamaniskeg Waltz.mp3
05-Sleigh Ride Reel.mp3
06-Pembroke Centennial Breakdown.mp3
07-Allumette Island Hornpipe.mp3
08-Puffin' On The Ole Cigar.mp3
09-Dancing Waters Waltz.mp3
10-Wally On The Deer Trail.mp3


Friday, March 4, 2016

Reg Hill - Tribute To A Fiddler's Friend

01-Leo Carroll's Hornpipe.mp3
02-Billy Wilson's Clog & Angus Campbell.mp3
03-Black Velvet Waltz.mp3
04-Nellie's Jig.mp3
05-Ontario Place Polka.mp3
06-B.C. Centennial Polka.mp3
07-Father O'Flynn & Patronella.mp3
08-Country Waltz.mp3
09-Maple Sugar.mp3
10-Pat Leonard's Breakdown.mp3


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ned Landry and his Fiddle

01-Chinese Breakdown.mp3
02-Dale's Beat.mp3
03-I'm Sending You A Big Bouquet Of Roses.mp3
04-Lord Alexander's Reel.mp3
05-Waltz Quadril.mp3
06-Silver Bells.mp3
07-Snow Deer.mp3
08-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
09-Paper Roses.mp3
10-Ontario Swing.mp3
11-Country Waltz.mp3
12-Down Yonder.mp3


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Ned Landry Fiddle Favorites

01-Hillbilly Calypso.mp3
02-Irish Washerwoman.mp3
03-Blue Skirt Waltz.mp3
04-Old Man And The Old Woman.mp3
05-Red Wing.mp3
06-Rag Time Annie.mp3
07-Earl Mitton's Breakdown.mp3
08-Good Nite Irene.mp3
09-Uncle Jim's Jig.mp3
10-Crooked Stove Pipe.mp3
11-La Golondrina Waltz.mp3
12-Soldiers Joy.mp3


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meadowlark's Return

GREAT NEWS! The Great Canadian Fiddle's good friend Mr. Meadowlark has returned and his fantastic blog is once again online. A little bird (aka, a meadowlark...) told me there will be a few posts a week, and we can expect some great music as always. To visit Mr. Meadowlark's Music and Memories click on either the image in this post or the link below:

The Barra MacNeils - The Traditional Album

01-Clumsy Lover Set.mp3
02-Celtic Harp.mp3
03-Tribute To Robert Stubbert.mp3
04-The Visit Medley.mp3
05-The Maids Of Arrochar.mp3
06-The Brolum Set.mp3
07-Twice A Year Fiddler.mp3
08-March - Strathspeys - Reels.mp3
09-Memories Of Mary Ann MacKenzie.mp3
10-Wedding Party Medley.mp3
11-Toonik Tyme.mp3
12-Twin Fiddles.mp3
13-Neil Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife.mp3