Friday, August 12, 2016

Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

01-Jean Carignan and friends-Les fraises et les framboises.mp3
02-Jean Carignan-Lord Macdonald's Reel.mp3
03-Wade Hemsworth-The Land Of The Muskeg (and the Shining Birch Tree).mp3
04-William Peaychew-Cree Greeting Song (Shaking Hands Song).mp3
05-Aldor Morin-Le reel de l'harmonica (Reel de Rimouski).mp3
06-Loewen Family Orchestra-The Northern Trappers' Rendezvous.mp3
07-Alan Mills-The Alberta Homesteader.mp3
08-Anne Halderman-A Poor Lone Girl in Saskatchewan.mp3
09-Alan Mills-When the Ice Worms Nest Again.mp3
10-Stanley G. Triggs-The Oda G..mp3
11-Karen James-The Ballad of Weldon Chan.mp3
12-Gaspard Jeannotte-Chanson de Riel.mp3
13-Tom Kines-Tim Finnegan's Wake.mp3
14-Alan Mills-I's the B'y.mp3
15-Ruth Rubin-Tonts, tonts!.mp3
16-Charles Owens-The Welcome Table.mp3
17-Arbuckle, Mikkelson, and Clifton-The Heel and Toe Polka.mp3
18-William Burn Stick-Cree Prisoner's Song.mp3
19-Alan Mills-Un Canadian errant.mp3
20-Geraldine Sullivan-Maggie Howie.mp3
21-Lee Cremo Trio-Constitution Breakdown.mp3
22-The Millers (or the North Shore Singers)-'N uair nighidh tú.mp3
23-Alan Mills-Anti-Confederation Song.mp3
24-Edgar Morin-Danse carré.mp3
25-Wade Hemsworth-The Black Fly Song.mp3
26-O.J. Abbott-Hogan's Lake.mp3
27-Alan Mills-She's Like the Swallow.mp3
28-Arbuckle, Mikkelson, and Clifton-The Gay Gordons (Scotland the Brave).mp3
29-George Clutesi-Nootka Farewell Song.mp3
30-Sandy Stoddard-Moose and Bear Calls.mp3

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