Friday, August 5, 2016

Myrna Lorrie - Hello Baby - Juke Box Pearls

01-Hello Baby.mp3
02-You Bet I Kissed Him (re-recording).mp3
03-That's What Sweethearts Do.mp3
04-Teenager's Breakup.mp3
05-Topsy Turvy Heart.mp3
06-Die, I Thought I Would (double vocal).mp3
07-I'm Your Man (& Buddy DeVal).mp3
08-I'll Be Lonesome When You're Gone.mp3
10-Moon Shy.mp3
11-Just Released.mp3
12-I've Got Somebody New.mp3
14-Are You Mine (& Buddy DeVal) (re-recording).mp3
15-Life's Changing Scene.mp3
16-On A Little Bamboo Bridge.mp3
17-Tears Amid The Laughter.mp3
18-Listen To My Heart Strings.mp3
19-Die, I Thought I Would (single vocal).mp3
20-Are You Mine (& Buddy DeVal).mp3
21-You Bet I Kissed Him.mp3
22-Life's Changing Scene (slow version).mp3

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