Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tales of the Donnelly Feud - Composed and Sung by Earl Heywood

01-The Donnelly Circle.mp3
02-Three Candles In The Window.mp3
03-They're Gonna Hang Jim Donnelly.mp3
04-Sweet Maggie Thompson.mp3
05-The Fightin' Feudin' Donnellys.mp3
06-The Wedding Of Club Foot Bill.mp3
07-Who Stole Thompson's Cow.mp3
08-Granny Bell (The Fortune Teller).mp3
09-Two Big Brothers - Mike and Jim.mp3
10-The Ballad Of Big Jim Carroll (The Massacre).mp3
11-The Night They Shot John Donnelly.mp3
12-John O'Connor (The Trial).mp3
13-Legend Of The Old Roman Line.mp3
14-One More On Satan's Side.mp3

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