Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tommy Doucet

01-Temperance Reel Medley.mp3
02-Panhandle Swing.mp3
03-Blue Belles Of Scotland.mp3
04-Tom's E-Flat Clog; Banks; Autocrat.mp3
05-Superior Medley.mp3
06-Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston.mp3
08-Erin Reel.mp3
09-Joanne Reel.mp3
10-Shrips Clog.mp3
11-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
12-Fred Allen's.mp3
13-Irving's Clog; Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
14-St. Lawrence River.mp3
15-Durham's Bull.mp3
16-Decision Reel.mp3
17-Shepard's Reel medley.mp3
18-St. Elmo's Clog.mp3

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